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The ESB initiative

The goal of the ESB initiative (ESBi), starting with a special focus on Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), is to foster reuse of ObjectWeb middleware in the domains of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The ESB initiative will contribute to the growth of a business ecosystem and bring business opportunities to industry stakeholders.

With a special attention to user expectations, open standards and market trends, ObjectWeb members intend with the ESB initiative to provide guidelines to technology providers and consumers for professional reuse of ObjectWeb open-source software components and platforms, and thus foster the development of and adoption of related offerings.

The ESB initiative is as an open collaboration platform, coherent with the open development process and the following key principles :

  • promote a set of technologies and bring them to the mainstream
  • promote alternative ways of thinking with a publication of real-world use-cases and corresponding IT solutions
  • share technical expertise, identify technology commons and define best practices that leverage the reuse of open-source components
  • publish some intellectual realisations such as high quality software pieces, as well as documents, white papers, use cases,... under open license modes
  • produce and create those realisations under "co-authoring" method

The ESB initiative aims at structuring open developement activities around an open-source software supply chain, contributing to the growth of alternative technology break-through drivers.

Main past events

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