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NEW Salome-TMF 3.3 is available, released in Juin 2011

Technical base : Salomé TMF V3.3 - Mantis 1.2.1 - JDK 1.6 update 22 at least

Maintenance release, with defect resolution on Requirements, graph with figures, Html report (uniform font size) , improvement of defect's display...

Salome-TMF 3.2, released in November 2010

Technical base : Salomé TMF V3.2 - Mantis 1.2.1 - JDK 1.6 update 22 Here are the new features of the 3.2 version,
  • Requirements Management: Adaptation of Salome TMF inspired by CMMI
    • Customizable list of fields: category, priority, criticality, complexity, status
    • Adding fields: owner, validated, understanding
    • Adapted plugins XMLDoc, Excel
  • Test campaigns:
    • Allow to mix test suites
  • Corrective maintenance
    • Copy / Paste, Saving shares, Excel import requirements
  • Robustness
    • New system login
    • Usage Protocol JNLP
    • automatic reconnection
    • Improved translation system

Jira plug-in is now available for Jira 4.0

For more information, contact ACPQualife

Salome-TMF at the OW2 Annual Conference - November 24-25, Paris, France

We are pleased to join OW2 Annual conference and present in "OW2 – Middleware in Action" some deployment examples OW2 Annual Conference Clik Here to see PDF

Salome-TMF has found a new leader (last update 01/02/2010)

Salome-TMF has found a new leader to support its development and provide support to its users.
Orange Labs R&D, initiator of this test management tool, is glad to see ACPQualife take the lead of the Salome-TMF open source project.

« The Salome-TMF Project has been initiated by Orange Labs R&D in order to promote Software Engineering to research projects level, and then to France Telecom group development. The three year old Salome-TMF project, has reached an industrial maturity which enables having new partners specialized in software qualification to follow up its development, evolution and also animate this project in a dynamic collaborative open source way » Mikael Marche, at Orange Labs R&D, Salome-TMF creator.

2010 will be a new start for Salome-TMF which will integrate new testing methods and technologies of the future.

NEW Salome-TMF 3.1 is available, released in September 2009

Technical base : Salomé TMF V3.1 - Mantis 1.1.8 (Mantis 1.2 is not compatible)- JDK 1.6 update 17

Here are the new features of the 3.1 version, released in September 2009.

  • Test action display improved
    • Actions are displayed on several lines
    • Display is function of size contents (vertical and horizontal)
  • JasperReport Plugin
    • Report generation simplifies Software qualification
    • Datas’ report are extracted from Salome and Mantis database
    • Reports are visible from Salome and exportable to PDF, HTML and XLS format
  • LookAndFeel Plugin
    • Salome layout setting available
  • AbbotScriptRunner Plugin
    • XML format test script execution available with Abbot framework Remark: this plugin is not compatible with Salomé-TMF system parameters

Testing configurations are : Windows (client) / Windows (Server)

Salome-TMF 3 includes:

  • A new version of the plug-ins Requirements, DocXML, Mantis, Beanshell, and Junit
  • New Functionalities of tractability between tests, requirements and defects.
  • New Filters function
  • New Copy/Paste function
  • New export format in docboock, and tool to generate PDF document
  • New import/export tool between QualityCenter 8.x and 9.x (trade Mark of Mercury) and SalomeTMF
  • And more ….

Testing configurations are :

  • Windows XP Pro (SP2), FireFox 1.5, JRE 1.6.0_01, MySql 5.0.20a
  • Linux Gentoo (Kernel 2.6.17), FireFox 1.5, JRE 1.5.06, MySql 5.0.18
  • OS X Tiger 10.4.11 and Leopard 10.5.1

How to V2.x (or V3rc1) to V3

Uncompress SalomeTMF V3 archive, and copy paste the files 'cfg/' and 'cfg/key.txt' from v2.x (or V3rc1) installation in the new installation directory. Be sure that the following parameters are presents in your configuration file:

  • SQLEngineSOAP = false
  • DBLOCK = 0
  • LockOnTestExec = false
  • LockExecutedTest = false

Use Java WebStart to launch Salome

In order to use Java WebStart to launch Salome, you have to edit salome.jnlp and each plugin_name.jnlp to update the field codebase according to your http server host and the path of SalomeTMF in this server. Uncomment also, in salome.jnlp all references about plug-in that you have installed (remove <!-- and --> ).

Auto Update (last update 10/11/2006)

Since version 2 of Salome-TMF, you can automatically update code improvement with salome_tmf_auto_OW_update tool, for that :
  • Download the file salome_tmf_auto_OW_update.jar and place it in the root directory of SalomeTMF
  • Carry out the command java –jar salome_tmf_auto_OW_update.jar
(in option it is possible to give a proxy configuration to acces to the internet, use java –jar salome_tmf_auto_OW_update.jar proxyHttpHost proxyHttpPort)

The auto update tool upgrade all jar of SalomeTMF and those of the plugins installed without modifying any configuration files and the data base.

Java Web Start boot

The last release (2.1.2) of Salome-TMF proposes a mechanism of boot via Java Web Start. This boot loading to be used only in the event of remote installation on a server, speed the loading of Salome-TMF by managing a local cache. To use it, in Salome-TMF root directory, modify salome.jnlp codebase entry according the location of Salome-TMF on your server, then load on your browser salome.jnlp. (You can also create a desktop shortcut using jaws tool, read this for example)

About Salome-TMF V2.x

The new version of Salome-TMF is available, in more of the corrections, this version includes a plug-in for the management of the requirements, two plug-ins of management of defects, one for Bugzilla (2.16.x and 2.20.x), the other for Mantis (0.19 and 1.0) , and one new plug-in for the automation of tests of Java IHM based on Abbot. (for migration see how to V12V2)

Salomé-TMF is an independent Test Management Framework

Test management is the set of activities that enable the management of testing processes. Testing means a lot of bookkeeping if it has to be done efficiently. What are the test cases in a given test suite? What are the results of the execution of a given test campaign? Those are the two most basic questions that a test management tool (or set of tools, or framework…) should enable to answer for a given testing process. But a test management tool can offer a lot more features, enabling for example to launch automatic test campaigns, to publish the test results, to link test cases with requirements and defects etc.

Salomé-TMF is a simple and powerful testing tool which offers immediate profits in time and quality thanks to the creation of a single reference frame of test for the project and with the automation of the carrying out of the tests.

Main features

Salomé-TMF is an independent Test Management Tool, which helps you to manage your entire testing process - creating test scripts, executing tests, tracking results, produce documentation, and more.

  • Organize your test cases and your campaign in hierarchical tree structure
  • Define manual tests (sequence of actions) or automatic (programs or scripts of tests)
  • Define several environments under tests in a project
  • Parameterize your manual and automatic tests and carry out them on several environments
  • Track results associated with test execution on an environment under test
  • Attach files or urls on the data managed by Salome-TMF (test, execution, environment, etc)
  • Extend Salome-TMF according to your requirements with your plug-ins
  • Etc.

Plug-ins features

  • Use Beanshell and Junit plug-ins to define your automatic tests
  • Track defects with the Bugzilla plug-in
  • Export of documentation to HTML supported by MS Word with the GenDoc plug-in
  • Export/Import data from projet to over with the GenDoc plug-in
  • Plan your automatic execution (by night ?) with the cronExec plug-in

Salomé-TMF architecture

Salomé-TMF was built using Java Applet, MYSQL and HTTP server. However, several other open source tools were used in development and are incorporated in the tool.

How do I get Salomé-TMF support and contact?

You should contact us via the forum for help on installing or using Salomé-TMF. However, if you find an issue that doesn't need immediate support please file it on the Bug tracking.

You can also contact Acpqualife.

Where Can I Download Salomé-TMF and plug-ins


Who created Salomé-TMF?

  • Mikaël Marche (Project Manager, Developer, Plug-in developer, Documentation)
  • Eric Riou du Cosquer (Project Planning, Documentation)
  • Fayçal Sougrati (Developer, Plug-in developer, Documentation)
  • Vincent Pautret (Developer)
  • Aurore Penault (Plug-in developer)
  • Yves-Marie Quemener (English documentation)
  • Jean-Marie Hallouët (Localization and Validation)



In brief, ACPQualife is today a SAS based on a 2002 joint-venture of 2 companies : ACP & Qualife. Our activities are separated in two main domains :

  • ICT Qualification : Consulting, Training, Implementation, Tools, …
  • ICT : Editor and Integrator

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